Sustainable Apprentices – Partner meeting in Istanbul

As the Sustainable Apprentices project approaches its final phase, partners from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Ireland gathered in Istanbul on September 5th, 2023, to discuss the piloting phase of the project.

Revising the Online Open Learning Materials

The day commenced with a warm welcome from our gracious hosts, the Governorship of Istanbul (GOI), setting the stage for a day of collaboration and fruitful discussions. INFODEF then took the lead in scrutinizing the “Sustainable Apprentices Online Open Learning Materials Platform.”

An in-depth review of the platform’s current status was of utmost importance. We delved into its functionalities, providing partners with insights on how to access its wealth of resources. More significantly, partners were encouraged to raise questions, share concerns, address technical issues, and brainstorm ideas for the upcoming piloting phase.

Methodological Framework for Implementation

The second pivotal aspect of the meeting revolved around the project’s methodological framework. Our colleague from AIN (Asociación de la Industria Navarra) presented their valuable contributions. This segment was instrumental in providing a detailed explanation of the framework. Partners engaged in lively discussions, particularly regarding the development of the trial stage within partner countries. This discussion paved the way for the roadmap for the project’s next phase.

Status Check regarding Quality Assessment

Fortunately, there were no significant issues to discuss concerning the ongoing development from a quality perspective. Nevertheless, it was important to provide an update on the evaluation of project result 1 and to outline the upcoming quality assessment that will be conducted in the following months.

Spreading the Word

The INFODEF team then initiated a discussion on our project’s dissemination activities. We shared insights into our ongoing dissemination efforts and learned about the planning for Multiplier events that will be developed by our partners. Effective dissemination is crucial for our project’s success, as it allows us to share our knowledge and impact with a broader audience.

Finalizing the Meeting

In the concluding moments of our meeting, all partners collaborated to determine our next steps. We confirmed the date for our next online meeting, ensuring that we can maintain the momentum of our progress. We also took a moment to revisit our project’s deadlines, reaffirming our commitment to staying on course and meeting our targets.

We are immensely grateful for yet another opportunity to come together and take significant steps in the right direction, furthering our mission to help the young workforce become more acquainted with sustainability.

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