We Care

Innoquality Systems is very pleased to be representing Ireland in the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships project WE CARE. The WE CARE project highlights the need to address informal/undeclared work of migrant women in care sectors and to open up skills validation and upskilling to assist them in becoming care professionals.

The WE CARE project aims to address the described needs and challenges by designing and co-creating new methods and tools addressed to adult education teachers, counsellors, and guidance personnel to support innovative practices in guidance, training and validation of non-formal and informal learning of migrant women working in care sectors in Europe.

Innoquality Systems and our partners in France, Spain, Turkey, and Greece have co-produced a Digital Library of Good Practices and Resources, which consists of useful resources related with the field of supporting migrant women working in care sectors; and a Training Curriculum to define and support the recognition of the skills, knowledge and competences that adult education teachers, counsellors and guidance personnel requires to effectively provide guidance, training and validation of non-formal and informal learning for migrant women working in care sectors.

Innoquality Systems is overseeing the topic of ‘Definition of Upskilling Pathways for migrant women in care sectors’. The partnership is currently working on The We Care Manual and The We Care Toolkit.  The manual will be a useful Open Educational Resource with concepts, methodologies, and approaches of reference for practitioners, and the Toolkit will consist of pioneering, innovative and cutting-edge practical tools, methodologies, and applicable information aimed at adult education teachers, counsellors, psychologists, guidance personnel and migrant women.

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