ABCD4ME – Project Update – Partner meeting in Klagenfurt

Empowering Migrant Entrepreneurs: Insights from Our Klagenfurt Meeting

We are thrilled to offer a concise summary of our recent gathering, where project partners convened for the ABCD4ME initiative on September 21st and 22nd, 2023, in Klagenfurt. This meeting brought together an eclectic European consortium, uniting partners from Belgium, Turkey, Austria, Spain, and Ireland amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the Austrian Alps. Our primary objective during this gathering was a collaborative effort to develop practical apps aimed at supporting migrant entrepreneurs and driving social innovation. Here’s a condensed account of the highly productive one-and-a-half-day event:

Day One: September 21st

Our meeting commenced with a dedicated focus on project coordination, delving into essential elements such as project reviews, administrative requirements, and updates. This session effectively laid the foundation for an organized and efficient discussion.

Project Results in Focus

  • PR1: Online Digital Database (MDP): The day witnessed significant strides in finalizing the remaining aspects of our online digital database, a cornerstone of the project.
  • Exploitation & Sustainability Strategies: Our discussions expanded to include strategies for both exploitation and sustainability, ensuring that the long-term impact of our work remains strong.
  • PR2: Theoretical Framework, Pedagogical Basis, and Training Curriculum (INFODEF): Partners played an active role in finalizing the remaining steps for the theoretical framework, pedagogical basis, and training curriculum.
  • PR3: Digital Training Platform (KIST Consult): We focused on refining the digital training platform, aligning it seamlessly with the project’s core objectives.
  • Dissemination (Governship of Istanbul): The dissemination strategies underwent thorough review, encompassing updates on the website, newsletters, reminders, and other crucial elements to keep our stakeholders informed.
In person meetings do require a lot of effort and resources. They do represent an added value when you have fruitful discussions like we did here in Klagenfurt.

Day Two: September 22nd

ABCD4ME Pedagogical Handbook

The second day, spearheaded by Innoquality Systems, proved equally productive. Our primary goal was to reach a consensus regarding the type of document to be provided to our target users, specifically adult educators. We aim to create a pedagogical handbook that empowers these professionals to fully engage with the topic and make the most of the resources offered. This included an extensive debate on the significance of teaching product users how to leverage the Open Online Learning database. We also addressed the timeline for developing this product, recognizing the urgency of the task at hand.

Methodology for Implementation of Piloting

In addition, we engaged in a comprehensive discussion on the methodology and tools required for the successful implementation and assessment of our project’s piloting phase. This step was essential to ensure that our work is effectively applied.

Quality and Closing

Finally, we briefly touched upon quality and evaluation standards for this project and addressed some general questions. To celebrate our successful gathering, certificates were distributed to acknowledge the valuable contributions made by each partner. Before bidding farewell, we meticulously reviewed the meeting minutes one last time and collectively established a to-do list to ensure that all partners are aligned regarding the next steps and responsibilities.


Our meeting in Klagenfurt bore testimony to the dedication and collaborative spirit of our consortium. We are eagerly looking forward to advancing our work in developing apps for migrant entrepreneurs, contributing to social innovation, and ultimately making a positive impact on the lives of those we aim to serve. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue our journey.

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